Vale Of Haldon masonic lodge
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Six of the Founders of the Vale Of Haldon lodge met on the 7th May 1963 at the Clifford Arms, Chudleigh (now The Old coaching house), but the first offical meeting of the Founders took place on the 28th May 1963, when the Chair was taken by W.Bro. S.E. Adams, Asst. Prov. Grand Secretary. On the 14th November 1963 the Provincial Grand Secretary advised that the M.W. Grand Master had been pleased to approve the formation of the Lodge and the number 7949 had been allocated. The final meeting of the Founders was held on the 4th february 1964. The Founders were:-

            W.Bro. A. R. B. Hart, B.E.M. - Worshipful Master
            W.Bro. H. W. Smith, P.P.G.D. - as I.P.M.
                Bro. C. H. Micheli - Senior Warden
                Bro. A. L. Neate - Junior Warden
            W.Bro. W. J. Williams, P.PA.G.D.C. - Chaplin
            W.Bro. R. Osborn Jenkins, L.G.R. - Treasurer
                Bro. K. W. J. Stacey - Secretary
            W.Bro. A. W. Knowles - Director of Ceremonies
                Bro. G. H. Stafford - Senior Deacon
                Bro. F. S. Birkett - Junior Deacon
                Bro. H. R. G. Bailey - Asst. D.C.
                Bro. H. S. Berry - Almoner
                Bro. H. V. Loft - Asst. Secretary
                Bro. R. J. H. Brinsley - Inner Guard
                Bro. G. G. F. Bond - Steward
                Bro. H. G. Thorp - Steward
                Bro. F. Morris - Steward
                Bro. F. D. Innes - Steward
                Bro. A. N. E. James - Steward
                Bro. L. Foale - Steward
                Bro. W. H. Clark - Tyler

The Consecration meeting of the Lodge was held at the Victoria hotel, Torquay on the 18th February, 1964. The Exeter Ritual of Craft Masonry as practised in St. John the Baptist Lodge, No. 39 Exeter was adopted for use by the Vale of Haldon Lodge to overcome the difficulty caused by the Founders being accustomed to several different rituals. Thus they all were equally confused and called upon to exercise contraint and self control- something that still applies today to our Joining Members!

The First Regular Meeting was held at the Clifford Arms, Chudleigh on Tuesday 3rd March 1964. The Lodge met at the Clifford Arms until 7th May 1968, setting up in a small room on each occasion. It is interesting to note that in the door of the room used at the Clifford Arms was a Tyler's spy hole, which dated back to the time when lodge 650 (now Lodge Of Union No. 444, meeting at Starcross) met therefrom the 25th September, 1837.

From the 1st October 1968 to the 3rd November 1970 the Lodge met at the Cromwell Arms, Bovey Tracey, where there was more space but less convenience as the lodge furniture had to carried up and down stairs for each meeting. The same room was then set out for dining before the Festive Board could commence.

Our Mother Lodge, Salem Lodge No 1443, on hearing of our difficulties kindly offered us the use of thier Temple in Dawlish; a facility we were grateful to accept and which we continue to share.